What We Offer

We are the most advanced HVAC performance solutions company

As the pioneers in HVAC-R performance solutions since 1990, by combining patented and proven applications along with emerging and state of the art technologies we are able to improve the overall efficiency and energy consumption of any HVAC system with guaranteed results.


Our methodologies and applications have been perfected over many years with hundreds of clients worldwide. From research and design through development and implementation we leverage sound business strategy to ultimately ensure bottom line performance.

We are not an HVAC service company but work, advise, train your existing service team to implement our advanced HVAC performance solutions without modifications nor alterations to the system.

Routine service and maintenance is crucial for the operation and longevity of the HVAC unit but they do not restore the lost capacity inherent with all HVAC-R units.

Unlike HVAC service companies, we specialize on the actual implementation and improved overall efficiency of the units.

Most of our solutions and applications are installed while the units are running therefore no down time or disruption of your business or operations.

In today's world where the demand on HVAC units is higher than ever before, let us help you reduce the energy consumption and improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

With a simple consultation we will be able to develop and implement a turn-key package that is tailored for your business.

we deliver superior HVAC performance solutions based on experience, implementation and customer satisfaction.

split systems, rooftop DX systems, refrigeration, ammonia refrigeration, chillers, refrigerated transport, all types of HVAC-R units