Technology and results

Our proprietary and patented technologies are designed to improve the overall efficiency of HVAC units.

With time the compressor, evaporator, motor and condenser of a unit degrade and become less efficient running longer to cool and not "cooling enough". 

Even though the unit is fairly new, the performance degradation can be as follows:

1- The internal parts of the evaporator does not transfer enough heat because of oil fouling and reduced heat transfer.

2- With time, due to exposure to outside elements, the condenser loses its ability to transfer heat resulting in a less efficient unit, causing the unit to run longer hours and not cooling properly.

3- Due to heat buildup and normal wear and tear the compressor works harder to overcome the loss of heat transfer from the evaporator and condenser.

4- The motor itself, due to run hours and more pressures from the compressor to overcome, uses more energy and runs longer. For this reason it uses more energy while running and runs longer than before shortening the life of the motor.




By implementing our advanced solutions and performance know how, we are able to make the system more efficient.


Cryogen-X4 installation into the unit will improve the thermo-conductivity of the system internally while increasing lubrication and making the compressor more efficient.

Cryogen-X4 "advanced coil activator" cleans and activates to condenser coils and evaporator coils externally creating a synergy between the internal and external fins and helping heat dissipate faster while protecting the coils from outside elements.

Electrogen-X4 PCU (power correction unit) improves the quality of the energy and balances the harmonics as well as improving the power factor of the motor, fans and air handler motor.


improved overall cooling, improved performance, reduced energy usage, extended equipment life